About us


i’mINDY is designed to empower the artist from the beginning of their journey (or whatever current level reached) to the peak of their potential and sustain that success. We are looking to provide the necessary tools knowledge and power to help independent artists achieve the greatness from within without worrying about the greater challenges surrounding.

What’s in it for the artist?

Custom website,  access to blogs/tutorials on how to maximize your social media music and videos view to reach both your existing fan base and those whom you have yet to reach, FREE e-commerce solutions and access to never having to spend a dime out of your own pocket for your merchandise (clothing/phone cases/ leggings/ drinkware, stickers and more....), access to professional graphic designers to refine your existing artwork or work with our designers to create mind blowing designs from scratch. And much much more.

At this point you might be asking what’s the catch….

No catch,  you need someone to print your merch were here for you. Simply load your design choose your merch items and set your price. We handle the fulfillment and distribution for you.  Forget limited colors and paying for setup fees and hidden costs. We provide better quality prints with better quality merch and most likely are able to provide it for less.

On a musician budget and can’t afford to get the merch up front

Along with providing you with a  multi-page custom website,  e-commerce solutions special training seminars and one on ones with professionals in the market.  We provide print on demand custom one off ordering so when your fans place and order we handle the fulfillment and distribution and you collect a check. 

I’m all for printing my merchandise through you but I want it up front

Sounds great! Simply login to your site setup a discount code for your wholesale cost and make your payment and have it delivered directly to your doorstep! It's really that easy!


about_parkerParker Stewart- Born in the Twin Cities and raised in Sioux Falls. Parker is a third generation entrepreneur following in the family footsteps with a focused dedication to his passion and love for music. After attending University of Sioux Falls for a semester, Parker pursued his passion for the musical arts. He relocated to Minneapolis where he attended Institute of Production and Recording for a dual degree in Audio Technical Engineering and Audio Production. He then returned to Sioux Falls where he became Director of Operations for a local Quick Lube franchise for 5 yrs. However, his love for music never escaped him as he had a small recording studio setup in his basement where he continued to work with local musicians and continually hone his skills. He is now co-founder of Teelaunch a multi million dollar annual fulfillment print house.